Confusion as gospel artist declares he’s not born again


Busia based gospel artist Usheric Luv left many TV viewers confused when he declared that he’s not born again.

Usheric Luv made this comments during a morning show on a Y 254 TV.

“I believe in God but I am not saved,” he told the show presenter.

When pushed further to explain how and why? Usheric Luv said:

“Being saved means you live according to God ways which I find hard to achieve since I live in a secular world”.

Watch the interview here:

However, he added that he plans to get saved soon.

The singer also admitted to listening to secular songs.

“Music is an art and I listen to secular songs to get ideas for my songs,” he said.

There’s has been an ongoing debate whether mainstream gospel artists are really saved.

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Recently, Kenyans attacked Willy Paul and Bahati for releasing worldly songs.

Willy Paul released “Malingo” and Bahati released 10 0ver 10

Here’s a sample of comments on ‘Malingo’ with regard to whether Willy Paul is a true gospel artist:

Top Trending Kenya: Kwanza Bahati, then this. Hit lie if you think Kenyan Gospel artists have lost it.

Daze Kiprop: So Willy Paul ameamua aseme “mtoto wa mungu” ndo tuseme ni gospel? Raundi hii hatuingii box hehehe

Charles Ndungu: Nimekuja kusikiza hii ya Willy Pozee alafu niende kutubu na ile ya Nyashinki Mungu Pekee.

Bishop Love: This song is lit. Willy Paul should specialize in singing love songs.

Atonya Productions: Gospel music has become the fastest agency of sexual lust and immoral communication. Princess Morry: Willy, you will kill me one day

Myshy Lysh: Gospel gone sour!

Afri Celebrity: I am your fan Willy Poze but nowadays you no longer sing gospel music.






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