Vivo NEX S2 Full Specs



The phone got a Lunar Ring which is like a colourful RGB LED ring that glow for notification. The ring is placed on the rear display.

Vivo is planning to bring its new flagship smartphone in the market anytime sooner. Recent leaks show that Vivo NEX S2 is on the hook and will have dual display, lunar ring and triple camera setup in it.

A youtuber Mrwhosetheboss also unboxed a mysterious smartphone with same features like dual display and triple rear camera. Further, it was speculated as Vivo NEX S2.

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The front display is the main display. But, the rear display acts as a view finder when the rear camera is acting as snapper.

No selfie shooter on the front!!

The cameras are placed in the lunar ring alongside LED flash. Moreover, the triple cam setup might include a 3D Time of Flight (ToF) sensor.

However, there is no official confirmation. So, it must be taken with the pinch of salt. But, if this is true- it might act as the revolutionary concept.



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