They hit my back and continued to hit my genitals with objects


In a chilling recount of events that led to his arrest, Ugandan MP Bobi Wine who is currently in the U.S. seeking treatment says the army tortured him nearly to death.

We picked a few paragraphs of the story where Bobi Wine was tortured:

They beat me, punched me, and kicked me with their boots. No part of my body was spared. They hit my eyes, mouth, and nose. They hit my elbows and my knees. Those guys are heartless!

They wrapped me in a thick piece of cloth and bundled me into a vehicle. Those guys did to me unspeakable things in that vehicle! They pulled my manhood and squeezed my testicles while punching me with objects I didn’t see.

They pulled off my shoes and took my wallet, phone and the money I had. As soon as the shoes were off, they started hitting my ankles with pistol butts. I groaned in pain and they ordered me to stop making noise for them. They used something like pliers to pull my ears. Some guy unwrapped me and instead tied the thick cloth around my head.

They forced my head below the car seat so as to stop me from shouting. Then they hit my back and continued to hit my genitals with objects. The marks on my back, ankles, elbows, legs, and head are still visible.

I continued to groan in pain and the last I heard was someone hit me at the back of the head with an object – I think a gun butt or something. That was the last time I knew what was going on.

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