6 out of 10 mothers are single parents in Kenya


“Your dad is a bad person. He can’t even pay your school fees. He dumped us when we needed him most. You shouldn’t go near him”.These are some of the statements kids as young as three years are forced to listen to from their mothers.

The number of single mothers is on the increase in Kenya. Research by two Canadian firms’ established that Kenya has the highest number of children born out of wedlock in Africa. It goes on to say that six out of ten mothers are most likely single parents.

What could be the reasons?

Ivan, a social worker, with one of the organisations that deals with families attributed this to degrading moral values. According to him, sexual gratification is no longer a taboo, but a trend among the Kenyan youths. Sex has become a basic need to them than even food and shelter.

It’s no longer a secret that even teenagers are sexually active. A good number are having sex with even men old enough to be their fathers.

Fingers were pointed at the government when it proposed to integrate sex education in schools. The plan to distribute condoms to school kids, was an idea that didn’t go well with our Catholic brothers. These, in essence, were proper measures to prevent the mushrooming of single mothers. At least prevention is better than cure.

The earlier we start talking about single mothers the better. Recently a famous blogger had started a movement about the boy child. Many people including me didn’t like how he presented the issues but the truth is that he raised fundamental issues that we face as a country.

It beats logic when a jobless lady can pay rent for a one bedroom house going for Sh 20,000 a month while men with decent jobs struggle to put food on the table for themselves.

Life is cruel especially to men and only brave men are able to handle shit that comes with it.

Men, if you can’t marry her don’t make her a single parent. If you do make her, then man up and take care of your responsibility as a father. Contribute towards your child upkeep to reduce social evils your baby mama would have engaged in to raise the child alone.

Some women, however, choose to remain single to milk men dry. They use the kids they sire with men as financial baits. They will break up with you intentionally, take you to court and get half of your salary. Have ever wonder why elite ladies rarely do they get pregnant with broke men? In Nairobi courts alone, there are over 8000 child upkeep cases 99.9% filed by ladies.

By 2030, according to a report, we will no longer have the family structure of father mother and children. Sociologists worry that this will have a negative impact on our children and the society at large.

Women who are higher in number than men are the make or break of our society. They hold the key to every problem we are facing. They control our future and they can protect it and that of their kids but at the end of it all the blame will always be on men.

Should men marry 2 or 3 wives?



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