Sabina Chege: everything you need to know about her


“Politics is the entertainment branch of industry,” or so Frank Zappa was quoted saying.

A former Devolution Ministry employee, Wazir Ben Masudo Chacha recently surfaced with a shocking confession that he’s managed to get close and cozy with a number of female lawmakers before it later emerged that he also managed to extort money from several other senior government officials.

This was no news until George Kinoti, Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Boss, reportedly stated that Wazir Chacha, had been found to have a ‘special relationship’ with one Sabina Chege, Murang’a Women Representative.

Sabina Chege was quick to deny any links with the man and went ahead to dare him (Chacha) to bring out any evidence –photo or video- he had, to back his claims.

She was also quoted saying that she does not need a ‘Ben 10’ in her life and that if she needed one, Chacha would be the last person she’d think of.

Who Is Sabina Chege?

As we wait for the ‘special relationship’ to be revealed, probably you might want to know just who Sabina Chege is.

If you’re thinking that politics made Hon. Sabina popular, then you ought to think again.

School and Acting

Born in 1972 in Murang’a County, Hon. Sabina attended Kinyona and Matu primary schools before she joined Mugoiri Girls High School where she delved into acting.

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She would, later on, start auditioning at the Kenya National Theatre, something that saw her acting career soar after she landed the role of  Rehema – a humble and reserved girl-  in the famous TV program  ‘Tausi,’ that aired back in the 90s.

Sabina The Presenter

She joined the University of Nairobi to pursue a Bachelor’s of Education degree. It is during her time in school that she got a job at Kameme FM, a popular Kikuyu radio station, as a presenter from 2000-2005, a position she says afforded her a chance to understand politics straight from the grassroots level.

After graduating in 2005, she would later leave her job as a presenter, for a Managerial position at World Space Africa, a communications firm, until 2007.

Sabina Chege moved to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) as a controller of commercial radio services.

The M.A in Communications holder was also a breakfast show presenter at Coro FM, another Kikuyu radio station.


Unbeknownst to many, Hon. Sabina was, at one time, engaged to famous Kikuyu Benga Music sensation, John De’ Matthew (Ndemethiu).

So deep was what they had, that the singer featured her in his hit single ‘Njata Yakwa’ (My star).

Sabina, now a mother of three, is married to Maina Gathito, former Kenya Dairy Board boss as a second wife.

Her marriage to Maina saw her being accused of husband snatching in the recent past, an allegation that was dismissed by the husband’s family.

Maina’s first family claims that he spends more time with Sabina at their expense, a situation that does everything but sit well with them.


Prior to the 2013 General Elections, she would resign from her role at KBC to contest the Murang’a County Women Representative seat on The National Alliance (TNA) ticket, which she managed to clinch successfully.

She was the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, in the previous Parliament.

In the August General Elections in 2017, Sabina would, with vim and vigor contest to retain her seat as the Women Rep, Murang’a County on a Jubilee Party ticket. Amazingly, she won, beating her counterpart and fellow journalist, Waithera Muitherania.

Ask Your Mother

Hon. Sabina was busy minding her own county’s business when she posted a picture on Twitter of her planting trees in her county, when a Twitter user decided to provoke her.

@simonmaina962 went ahead to ask her, “Kau ni Chacha kehau kana ni maitho ndiraira? (Is that Chacha I’m spotting there or are my eyes playing me?)

Sabina replied, “Uria nyukwa,” which loosely translates to, “Ask your mother.”



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