OPINION: Why David Murathe is right


Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe could be very right. I also believe that the Presidency is a package consisting of the President and his Deputy.

If the term of the Presidency is a maximum of ten years, we therefore cannot have someone from that package extending their term by another 10 years and consequently serve in a 20-year Presidency.

In the United States of America, a President goes home with his Vice because their term in office ends at the same time. Joe Biden had to go home with Barack Obama and would not vie as President even if loved madly by Americans.

For your information, the American Constitution does not expressly bar any Vice President from standing and running for office; some have. But perhaps many of them wonder what they’ll be hoping to achieve that they did not accomplish during their tenure in the Presidency and are not motivated by an insatiable urge to ‘eat’.

Time is ripe to try and control the appetite for the country’s top two political seats by bundling them together; such that if you get one, you should not salivate and drool for anything else beyond your official 10 years in the Presidency.

We should also change the Constitution to dilute the power concentrated at the apex, so that when one starts lusting after the top political seat in the land, they cannot go kicking every perceived political adversary who supports sharing of this power to other seats.

And before we start the good old political bickering that at times gets very emotional and ethnically charged, please remember that I said this is my own opinion.

I know lots of arguments might be fronted over this; some well researched, packaged and backed up with both law and logic, while others will be the epitome of tomfoolery based on nothing more than feelings of endless love and admiration of an individual and his tendencies. However, every man is entitled to his own opinion.

So there, I’ve said it. Those with an itch to throw stones at me can now feel free to go to their own walls and post what they believe, what they would like, what they think should be and whatever else.




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