Details of the 50 million Sonko grass


The Nairobi County government governor Mike Sonko has denied claims of a “Sh 50 million Sonko grass” project that was reported by the Star newspaper.

Through a press release, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko claimed that the story was false

“I wish to take this early opportunity to refute the baseless story meant to depict me and my administration negatively.

I wish to categorically and without any fear or contradiction report that the Nairobi City County has no such budget allocation to undertake beautification programmes. Such allocations must follow the right procedure and final approval granted by the Controller of Budget” read part of the statement.

Sonko accused the newspaper of writing stories without considering factual evidence.

“I challenge the Star to produce authenticated requests from the county to the Controller of budgets for the release of the said Sh50m. The anti-corruption strategy I have put in place has made it impossible to loot from county coffers since all requests must get approval by the Controller of Budget and Treasury” Mike Sonko said.

The Nairobian governor said that the Sh 50 million was too much for planting grass

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“The ongoing beautification programme was initiated after I personally visited our county tree nursery at City Park which is well maintained and with a capacity to supply the required flowers and grass to undertake the programme. Why should we spend the alleged Sh50m on grass and flowers yet our nursery has the capacity to supply the same?”

Mike Sonko accused the Star Newspaper and his enemies for sponsoring fake stories about him

“It is unfortunate that the Star has become a gutter press and hopes to increase their sales by writing negative stories about me and the Nairobi City County. I am aware that such stories are sponsored by a cartel who were offered tenders by my predecessor to supply the “Kidero Grass” amounting to Sh45m yet the county could get the same from our City Park nursery” he said.

The previous Nairobi county government under Dr Evans Kidero was heavily criticised for using Sh 50 million for the Kidero Grass.

Kidero had initiated a Sh 45 million beautification programme ahead of a two day visit by US President Barack Obama



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