Latest news on Miguna’s passport saga


The Miguna Miguna’s passport saga won’t go away anytime.

Shortly after the Director of Immigration Gordon Kihalangwa, surrendered Miguna Miguna’s passport to the High Court on Wednesday as ordered by Justice Luka Kimaru, Miguna came out to and attacked him for not complying with the court order.

“The respondents have not complied with Justice Kimaru’s order. The court order clearly states that the respondents must “deposit the passport with the High Court Registry in 7 days.”

That implies the return of a functioning, valid passport in the same manner that it was forcefully and illegally taken from me”. Miguna said.

However, Kihalangwa’s counsel Fred Ngatia said they had met the court’s order.

“The applicant’s passport A116842 issued on March 23, 2009, was confiscated by the Immigration Department on February 6 and perforated as soon as the applicant was deported,” he wrote.

The respondents were not ordered to return to court something else different from what they had illegally confiscated.

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Miguna feels that the move to perforate his passport was an act of defiance.

“The court did not order the respondents to destroy, deface or perforate my passport before depositing it with the court.

This latest defiance must be seen in the light of the respondents’ continued contempt of court, disrespect to the court and violation of my constitutional rights” he said.

The Miguna’s passport case has worsened the relationship between the government and the judiciary

In a letter dated February 9th, Jubilee Party secretary accused the judiciary of being controlled by the National Super Alliance and making decisions based on ethnic lines.

Last year and a break from tradition, Chief Justice David Maraga warned politicians against attacking Judges based on their tribes.



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