University’s call for a parents meeting shocks Kenyans


Daystar University had Kenyans talking after it recently published an ad on a local newspaper requesting parents to attend a meeting at the institution.

“The Chairman of Daystar University Council and the Ag. Vice Chancellor invites all parents of Daystar University students to a General Meeting to be held on Saturday, February 24, 2018, at Athi River Campus, Amphitheatre starting 10: 00 AM” read part of the notice.

Daystar University
Daystar’s University ad

Because most students are over 18 years, they are considered old enough to make independent decisions regarding their lives or reason with a University’s management over issues.

Besides, some of the students are parents themselves or are “too old” for their parents to make decisions on their behalf.

“For a 18-year-old student it makes sense, but what of a 35-year-old one?” one of the social media users asked.

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The meeting was called to address the worsening relationship between the University administration and the students.

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In December 2017, Daystar University students took to the streets to demonstrate against what they referred to as an unjust administration, the poor state of facilities, and a tuition hike.

The students strike led to the University’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Timothy Wachira being sent on leave so that the issues raised against him by students leaders are investigated.



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