Cyprian blames Tuko for his Twitter Suspension


Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is blaming Tuko Kenya, an online news company, for pushing his Twitter account suspension.

Nyakundi claims James Ndiwa a journalist affiliated with Tuko Company reported him to Twitter for using his works for “unintended purposes”.

He says that Twitter only responded to him after learning that an American media company was investigating his account closure to save its face.

In a bid to save face in light of Breitbart’s investigations into my account suspension, Twitter has purported to deflect attention and claim that blog is the one that pushed for it. Some journalists claim that videos which trended on Whatsapp, taken from various locations are his. Kwani he’s omnipresent? Anyways, Twitter’s days of suppressing anti-Liberal views are coming to an end very soon. If Tuko thing that manipulating fake reports of abuse and instigating my suspension will drive traffic to their site, they’re in for a rude shock,” Nyakundi posted on his Facebook page.

According to a screenshot posted by Nyakundi, Ndiwa had complained to Twitter that the blogger was using his original work in a manner not authorized.

Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi
Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi

“Videos I have taken using my phone and camera meant exclusively for my work as a reporter/investigative journalist. These videos include political gatherings and meetings, social activities, investigative health and pre-recorded road accident. These videos are my original work that is being used in a manner not authorized,” Ndiwa complained to Twitter.

Twitter suspended Nyakundi’s account a day after he posted nude photos of Radio Africa’s manager on his social media pages.

Nyakundi who is yet to open another Twitter account has been rallying Kenyans to join Gab, a Pennsylvania –based social networking service that is dedicated to “preserving individual liberty, freedom of speech and the free flow of information on the Internet”.

Tuko have not yet responded to Nyakundi’s claims.

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