Asbel Kiprop tests positive for doping


Asbel Kiprop, one of the most celebrated runners and a 3 – times world champion, has tested positive for doping. The test was done as an out of competition test.

However, the athlete and his agent Federico Rosa were quick to deny the allegations. They said they have not seen the report linking the runner to doping and that he is ready to prove his innocence.

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The doping accusation against Asbel Kiprop is a big blow to Kenya. In 2017,  Jemima Sumgong, the Olympic women’s marathon champion in Rio in 2016, tested positive for EPO and was banned for four years.

Doping has been a real challenge to athletes all over the world, as more of them turn to banned substances to boost their stamina and energy. It’s considered a form of cheating as it gives the users’ undue advantage.

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Because of increased doping cases, governments are required to have regulations on doping. It is against this background that the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya was established through the Anti-Doping act, 2016. This is seen as a way of participating in athletics honestly.

More needs to be done so that Kenya is fully complaint on this front. Athletes have also complained because of lack of enough information, they take substances inform of supplements without their knowledge.



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