Asbel blackmailed my wife into recurrent sexual escapades


Andrew Chepsiya, the husband of Nancy Rotich whose raunchy video with athlete Asbel Kiprop was leaked on social media has come out to defend his wife.

According to the Nairobian, Andrew Chepsiya accuses Asbel Kiprop of taking advantage of his wife after making her drunk.

Nancy who viewed for an MCA seat last year asked Asbel to fund her campaigns. Asbel asked her they meet at a restaurant in town where she ordered her wine, which got her drunk.

Chepsiya says that once her wife was drunk, Asbel took advantage of the situation, took photos and recorded videos.

“She told me that Asbel had agreed to fund her campaigns during the elections only if they met at a restaurant in town. The athlete convinced her to order wine and got her drunk,” Chepsiya told The Nairobian.

Chepsiya adds: “I suspect that Asbel took advantage of her after he convinced her to take wine to sleep with her. He then took photos and recorded videos, which he used to blackmail her into recurrent sexual escapades.”

Chepsiya, who was Asbel friend and training, says his marriage to Nancy is no more.


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